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Shipping & Returns


We send out shipments Monday-Wednesday only- if you place an order on Thursday-Sunday, please patiently wait until Monday for your chocolate to be shipped.

During the hot weather months (April-October for most places in the United States), we ship overnight, and only Monday-Wednesday.  In the event that the weather is exceptionally hot, we may hold onto your order until the temperatures are more friendly to ship in.

During the hot weather months, we take the extra care to ship with cold packs and extra insulative material. You are, however, ordering at your own risk during these months, as chocolate starts to melt at 86° F, or 30° C. It will get soft and may undergo textural changes at around 80° F.

November-March we ship with 2 day shipping in the United States. 

Please arrange to have your package brought inside immediately upon receipt- we would hate for it to melt!

Return & Exchange Policy

Due to the sensitive nature of chocolate, we unfortunately can't accept returns. 
We take pride in our work and find joy in creating the best products possible. 

Despite our best intentions, the sensitive nature of chocolate makes things occasionally go awry.

Should you receive chocolate that is less than perfect, please send us an email at

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