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a love of cacao and
celebration of culture

Image by Kristiana Pinne
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A lifelong fixation on good chocolate- and a knowing that things made from scratch are the best things- led us to exploring the world, in search of cacao that warranted obsession and chocolate that elicited craving.

Through our consulting work, we developed amazing friendships with our farmers and cacao suppliers, and are thrilled to be able to honor their hard work and dedication by crafting our chocolate with the fruits of their labor.

Though Venezuelan cacao is our focus, we showcase other favorite cacaos from around the globe. 

We hope you enjoy eating and sharing our chocolate as much as we enjoy making it.

                  - Jessica Ellis and Christian Tyler


Behind the name

The Orinoco River has historically served as the only means of communication and transportation of goods for the indigenous inhabitants of the Venezuelan interior, connecting Venezuela with South America.

Today, the vast Orinoco is connecting Venezuela with the world, as some of the cacao we source is transported using this method. All of the Venezuelan cacao we use in our chocolates is grown in or around the Orinoco River Basin.

a taste of the orinoco

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